Mr. Robertson leaves Vegas, the debrief.

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What a week! I had to just about hit the ground running upon my return from the LVO so my free time was mostly taken up with writing up my battle reports. This if more of an informal rundown of what I did, from the time I landed in Vegas until I left to got home. I managed to hitch a ride to the Airport with My friend Justin Gatner, who was entered in the Blood Bowl tournament, to the airport at the ungodly hour of 4:30am on the Thursday before. His flight left 2 hours before mine as he had a lay over in Calgary (ptoo) so I had breakfast and killed some time. I was soon joined by 4 other people who wewre on my flight and who were also going down for various events. One was just going for hobby classes, one was signed up for the 40k championships, one was also in the Blood Bowl event, and the last one was attending the 40k friendly with me. I tried sleeping on the plane but for once in my life I was unable to sleep in a moving vehicle so I put a podcast on my phone (Caledonian Deathwatch Radio) and decided to review my list. I noticed on my read-through that teleport homers weren’t things you carry with you any more… but a marker put on the board at the start of the game that disappears if an enemy moves within 9”. Oops, so that has to come out because I have nothing with me to use as a token. The rest of the flight is spent listening to the podcast and comparing notes on how TOs across the pond score painting and presentation. As a TO myself I found it very interesting and wrote a message to the hosts about it… again killing time I should have spent sleeping ha ha.
Upon landing I made my way to the nearest arrivals board to check when Justin was arriving. I didn’t check a bag because I didn’t need that much clothing for only 4 days and I built my list around fitting it in a Battlefoam 216 case as carry on. I’ve heard too many horror stories of what happens when you check an army so that wasn’t going to be a thing. I saw that his flight was due to land in 30 minutes, PERFECT! I pulled out my Pokemon go and paced the length of the terminal hitting the stops, conquering the gyms and catching them all, then I checked the arrivals board again… 5 more minutes, ok, not bad. This continued for another half hour, which on the one hand, I hit my step target and finally nabbed a Tauros but I had been awake for 9 hours at this point already… so I was starting to feel it. When Justin finally arrived we went on a mission to find the city bus that would take us to where we were staying, his in-laws vacation home. 30 minutes off the strip but free so that more than makes up for the commute.
After our quest to get to the house was done, the alarm company was made aware of our presence (malp… malp) and we drove the truck kept there back to the airport to collect the 3rd member of our party (who was joining Justin in the blood bowl event as well) we decided to hit the convention hall and check things out. Justin and Laird were going to an NHL game that night so it didn’t make sense to drive all the way back to the house just to drop off some luggage. So we parked the truck and found a nice Vietnamese restaurant in the hotel to get Pho with which Justin and I could taunt our friend James. Its something of a tradition. The hall was still being set up and registration had not yet begun so we decided to eat first. After dinner the other 2 went off to their game while I met up with some friends from an online game… <The following excerpt is redacted, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas> So naturally I didn’t roll in the door at the house until after 2am…
The next morning we try to go for chicken and waffles but none of the nearby restaurants open until 11am, so we went shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart and took things back to the house. I also picked up some sugar free cake and brownie mixes since I can’t get them here. After a quick breakfast we made our way to Ballys where the event was being held. Justin and Laird got signed in at their event and I picked up my giant bag of goodies that came with my “High Roller Package”. Having nothing scheduled for the Friday I wandered the 2 halls, took some videos, and perused the vendors, which only managed to get SOME of my money. I had assumed I’d be broke by the end of the first day haha. I DID manage to get some cool stuff though, I picked up a magnetized Redemptor dreadnought and a new-on-sprue Contemptor from the Battle of Calth set for $20 each! I also picked up a new Windsor Newton brush and some wonderfully nerdy shirts. I may have loitered a bit at the t-shirt booth… but I wasn’t the only one! Unfortunately the Forgeworld booth had neither the Lascanon or Autocannon arms for the Contemptor but I managed to wheel and deal with some friends for some UCM Dropzone models so I cleaned out one of the vendors who was unloading his stock on the cheap hehehe. I also picked up some casino dice for myself and my friend Liam in Scotland and a set of wound trackers and a turn counter/command point tracker from one of the vendors which came in very handy in my games over the weekend.
After a while though I got tired of lugging my plastic bag of swag so I went downstairs and bought a tote bag, very smart move as it turned out, and had lunch with some of the guys. Unfortunately over the course of my wandering over the afternoon/evening it seems I misplaced some of my swag. I had wrapped my pint glass in my t-shirt to protect it and placed it inside the mini battlefoam bag, along with a bunch of other little odds and ends. I only noticed at the end of the evening when I left the speed painting competition (I was disappointed my pig-warrior “Baconator” did not win but I digress) I backtracked most of my steps but the vendors were closed so I could not check there. Disappointed I retired back to the house to prepare for the next days battles.
The next morning we gathered our troops, well, I gathered my troops, the other two rounded up their players, and we headed toward the strip. Getting to the hall a little early I went to the vendors I was at the evening before to check for my bag, with no luck, then checked in at my event. This was my first time using the BCP (Best Coast Pairings) app and I gotta say it works well. I won’t give a play by play of each of my games here because I have already written narrative battle reports for another post but we started the event with a chant of “YAY FRIENDLY! BOO COMPETETIVE!” directed at the players across the hall in the championships and a rousing round of “happy birthday” to a kid for his 16th (surely traumatizing the poor child). Round one pitted me against a space wolf player and while fun it went about as well as expected haha. I will say I claimed the moral victory of smooshing the pesky re-roll giving wolf priest before going all “Predator” and nuking the planet from orbit. The Inquisition are sore losers (and sore winners to be fair).
Lunch consisted of overpriced hot dogs and fries and another search for my missing swag. This time I went back to the front desk to see if it had been turned in and unfortunately it hadn’t. I told them thank you and mentioned I would go rebuy if I had to but the guy behind the desk said to come see him if I hadn’t found it by the end of the day Sunday and he would hook me up so I didn’t have to rebuy! So that was pretty awesome!
Round two began with me pitted against a hard hitting Nurgle CSM army. Again the report is in another article but suffice to say, I should have gotten my flu shot… Having only 2 games per day made for a nice, easy schedule of gaming and we wound up having lots of time to socialize and look through the vendors and other games afterward. Justin, Laird and I grabbed our sandwiches from the truck and met up with some of the other guys for drinks and hanging out for a few hours.
Sunday was a busy morning, Justin and Laird were going home as their event was over (with them placing 7th and 11th respectively) So I was going to be spending the last night in the hotel with my buddy Dave as his room mate was also leaving that day and we were both staying until Monday. So we got everything packed up and cleaned up and all our extra food polished off. Breakfast pudding FTW!! (yes sugar free, don’t judge me). I arrived with all of my luggage just in time to pick up a boardgame I ordered from a vendor and get into the hall as pairings went up.
Round 3 saw me matched with a sub-human Necron player. This is not a comment on him as a person, just that I consider anyone who plays Necrons less of one. In the 12ish years I have been playing this game I have never beaten a necron army, this statement was true at the start of the game AND at the end lol. Lunch break saw the armies being set up for paint judging so I snapped a bunch of pictures and tracked down Dave who took my suitcase up to the room for me while grabbed more overpriced hot dogs as I thought I was almost out of time. As it turned out I had an extra 30 minutes so yay food!
My round 4 opponent was a really great guy named Jerry who was running a very cool Ork list, all deff dreds and killa kans. It was an absolute bloodbath but we both had such a blast we added each other on Facebook afterwards! This game ended in my only win of the weekend! After the round was over and awards handed out I managed to track down the guy from frontline and get my case, shirt and glass replaced and they even threw in a free hat! I then wandered over to the competitive area where a bunch of my friends were waiting for those awards to be handed out. Local boy Aaron Schofield took home the prize for best in season for Renegade Knights and my friend Steve Lind took home 2nd best painted! I also found out my friend Dave’s room mate for the weekend, my other friend Kieran, was incorrect as to which day he flew home and was going back to Edmonton on the Monday, not the Sunday. So this meant Dave and I would be snuggle buddies (and let the record show he called little spoon).
We went for a celebratory dinner at Whalburgers over in Planet Hollywood where we debriefed from the weekend and mostly tried to just stay awake… Fun as the weekend was we were all pretty exhausted, there were no more shenanigans to be had so we shambled our way back to our rooms after eating. (I was, however, also raking in the Pokémon, there’s TONS of stops on the strip!) I managed to get everything packed into my suitcase and new tote bag. Which was lucky because I was worried I would have to buy a new suitcase but just had to check a bag. Apparently buying board games fills things up too much ha ha. The next morning I ninja’ed myself out of the room as I needed to be at the airport earlier then Dave or Kieran and made the long journey home (this time managing to sleep for 2/3 hours). Thus concluding my weekend at the Las Vegas Open 2018!
My final score, posted as I typed this article, was Painting 6/10 (quite happy with that, there were some amazing armies and last time I only got 1 so…), Generalship 6/12 which was no surprise as I went 1 and 3 ha-ha, and Theme 12/12! Thankfully all my opponents were familiar with Invader Zim or at least liked my cover page. My final rank was 31st out of 45. Not as good as I was hoping but still had a great time! After all, there’s always next year 😉

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Drew is enjoys playing 40k and hosts the 40k event at club tournaments. Drew will have more in the about the author section in the future, as the admin either lost or didn’t recieve this part of the article from Drew, I chose to blame drew, but i’ll leave that part up to the reader.

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