Shadespire Tactical with Keith Deck Building 101- Objective Deck Construction

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Building an objective deck is  very specific to an individual and will depend on (or influence) one’s play style and warband choice significantly. For example if you want to play an aggressive Stormcast list having an Objective deck that wants you to sit on Objectives is not going to be particularly conducive to that style of play. That being said there are a few guidelines that I like to  keep in mind when building an Objective deck.

1. I tend to steer clear of objectives that rely on my opponent on dictating whether or not it can be scored. A great example of this is Coward, you score a point if an enemy begins an activation adjacent to one of your fighters, takes a walk action and ends not adjacent to one of your fighters. You can put your guys next to however enemy fighters you want, if they don’t take that walk action you’ll never score it.

2. Im also not a huge fan of objectives that rely on dice rolls like Let The Blood Flow which requires 3 successful attacks  in an action phase.

3. Glory now is worth more than Glory later. What I mean by that is Glory scored early can be used to attach upgrades, allowing you to set the tempo of the game and outperform your opponent. Scoring a single glory at the end of turn 1 has a higher value for me than scoring three Glory at the end of Turn 3.

4. Objectives which score immediately have a higher value than those that score at the end of the turn. This is because if you score immediately you have the glory to spend AND you get to draw another objective card potentially allowing you to score that new one too.

5. Try not to have too many end of game scoring objectives. Some are definitely good but too many will overall weaken your deck as you won’t have glory to spend on upgrades early and they can take up a spot in your hand. If I draw a couple of turn three objectives early game I will almost always discard them in favor of lower but earlier scoring alternatives.

6. Hold objective cards are either all or nothing. If you take them they are almost guaranteed Glory, but the return may not always justify the investment. Let’s say you have Hold Objective 1-5 in your deck (and if you have that you may aswell also grab Supremacy); if you get three objectives in your territory that’s a fairly reliable 6 Glory, 3 from the hold objectives and 3 from Supremacy for six cards in your deck. That’s a pretty good rate of return. If you end up with two objectives in your territory that’s a fairly reliable 2 glory but for  six cards in your deck. Still not bad and you still have the opportunity to jump on an enemy objective later in the game. The other thing you want to keep in mind is that you need to dedicate bodies to stand on those objectives; easier for some warbands than others… It’s a completely viable option to eschew all Hold objective cards in favor of a more aggressive strategy. This has the advantage of supporting Glory through killing which has a twofold effect on the game; increasing your glory while removing your opponent’s options. A bit more high risk high reward but backed up by the right power deck and other complementary objectives like Conquest can be potentially very difficult to deal with. Either way taking a few of the hold objectives allows random chance to completely ruin your game, potentially making all hold objective cards dead weight in your deck.

7. Objectives that punish defensive play. If your opponent is turtling up on objectives and scoring from not being hurt or not fighting a few objectives like denial, conquest and contain can really ruin there day.



 Keith has been a miniature gamer for over 20 years, first taken in by Tyranids he has since transitioned into Age of Sigmar (Seraphon), Malifaux (Ten Thunders) and Shadespire (All of it!). Keith originally started out as primarily a gamer but now considers himself a well-rounded hobbyist and regularly competes (with varying degrees of success) in tournaments and painting competitions alike. Keith also volunteers as a Henchman for Wyrd games to promote the Malifaux community here in Edmonton through regular organized play events. His current hobby goals include getting a miniature published in White Dwarf and making the pilgrimage to one of large gaming cons like Adepticon, LVO or Gencon.

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