Rantings of an Iron Fisted Tyrant #1

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Rantings of The Ironfisted Tyrant

Well met fair internet wanderer.  I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is James.  I am a member of the Out of the Basement gaming club located in Edmonton Alberta. The subject of pho taunts, drinker of gin and the good luck charm of who ever I’m playing, I am a tabletop gamer, a husband and father.  I started playing in 1993 with a break from about 1994 until say 1998.  I started with Warhammer 40k and them dabbled in most of the side games the GW has released at one point or another. I have also played  Dystopian wars, Malifaux , SAGA, Warmachine and Hordes along with who know what else.  This little series of articles really won’t have any strong focus one way or another. Because really what’s the fun in knowing what you are going to get. Really eh?

I decided to start writing this the first of what I hope is many articles because…well I don’t want to pull the trigger on a warband for the Age of Sigmar  Path to Glory campaign and I did not want to paint tonight.  Hey look a terrible transition to another topic. Age of Sigmar love it or hate it is currently my game of choice. From being convinced to try it when it first came out (Thanks Todd) I have stuck to this game predominantly. Like most of the GW Fantasy players when the Old World blew up and chaos won I was both pleased (GO HOME TEAM) and upset. I was upset  for two reasons.  REASON THE FIRST (think Thulsa Doom reading that) my beloved ogres did not have any real place in the narrative of the End Times. B Reason they took away my game and I was bitter.  But like I said I was asked to try and I found out I loved it.  Finally things (in my ogres anyway) worked like they always did in my head. I was hooked.  

Through out my gaming history my favorite part is not painting or hell even playing with my dollies. It’s been the stories I have in my head about my heroes or monsters or what have you. The first I can vividly remember was a character in my 40k Chaos Space Marine army.  That fellow was armed with a jump pack and flamer.  He was the Torch, and he lived up to his name. He never lived and ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS caught fire.  I make up stories I play my armies to reflect that. I also lose….a lot. I could say winning does not matter or that the dice hate me. I fully believe both those statements by the way. “ But Tyrant” you might say “Everyone says they  have bad luck”.  My only retort is I have played those people. They look at me with pity and normally walk away going “Dude that was BRUTAL” Anyway…..where was I? Right Path to Glory. Got it.

So I’m torn between playing my ogres or my chaos. I think I’m going to play my  Ogors. Nice and simple. So  I have:


3 Leadbelchers

3 Ogres

1 Gorger

This will give me a nice bit of everything without being too powerful or unfair starting up in the campaign.


Well that’s about all for the now. Get out,roll dice and be awesome


The Ironfisted Tyrant  


I’m James, I play games, I lose..alot. I like small skirmish (no GW) style games. I am an avid fan of the game Age of Sigmar (the king of games) I like fantasy over sci fi and I love the post apocalyptic genre and the Chuthulu mythos.  I enjoy coming up with stories for my armies or atleast bits of background. I hope to run another narrative event and maybe make the Adventures of Lunk Jadefist the Simple an yearly thing

Roll Dice, Have fun, Be Awesome



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    • Kieran
    • March 12, 2018

    Aside from being renamed OGORS instead of OGRES, I am glad your people have found a way to make you happy in Sigmar’s new realms. Play on, Lunk! May the Sky-Tyrants bless your bellies!

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