Mr. Robertson Goes to Vegas Part 4

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I’m back bitches! Of course to you it’s been nearly no time but I wrote the last one at the start of November so it’s been a while, much to Lucas’ irritation I’m sure haha. Over the last couple months I have practiced my list a bit (twice, three times by the time this is posted) and began the arduous task of addressing the painting on some of my older models, and the ones that hadn’t been painted at all.

My original paint scheme was chosen because A) no one else at the time was doing Deathwatch, and B) it seemed very simple, just black everywhere and one silver arm, boom, done. So basically what I did was spray black primer, paint the left arm and pauldron silver and added a few small details and called it a day. Some bits that I felt should be metal, like guns, knives, swords and chains were done in boltgun metal, chest Aquila’s and purity seals were skull white, helmet lenses red etc. Each squad was/is from a different chapter so the right shoulder pauldrons were done in different colours. Each tactical squad is from a different chapter, bikers and landspeeders are white scars, one assault squad is raven guard, another is blood angels successors and so on. The only exception is my terminator squads are made up of vets from different chapters because logistically getting a while squad of first company vets from a single chapter, in the current point in the timeline especially, is extremely unlikely. Of those models that were already done the basing was just some clumpy flock glued to the bases.

Example A) A terminator sergeant, tactical marine in power armour, and my other dreadnought:









Rather thank strip and start over (because I am lazy and it would have taken longer) I decided there were things I could do to improve upon what I already had. Many of the models I will be using already had freehanded chapter icons on the right and all my models have a freehanded Inquisitorial “I” on the left. I did this on 200+ models because I am also cheap and wasn’t willing to pay what would amount to $4 per shoulder pad for the old pewter deathwatch upgrade kit. So yeah, that wasn’t happening… So I touched up the right sides to look prettier, here is my biker sergeant as an example.






One of the techniques I have seen done often is simple edge highlighting, where one puts a lighter shade or complementary colour on the edges of things like armour plates that picks those edges out. So I decided to try this but with a bit more subtlety,  so on the inside of the knee/elbows and edges of all of the power and terminator armour, and edges on the dread nought, and bikes are now picked out in gunmetal. Additionally freehand on all of the right shoulder pads was either re-done or done for the first time (some were still blank), skull icons and purity seals changed from skull white to bone white and the flocking was changed up with a few different textures (not yet but will be by the time you read this)






The outer casing on the storm bolters on the terminators as well as the melta guns and heavy flamers were given a base coat of white primer and a bright red to add a pop of colour that helps break up the heavy amounts of black and metal and their helmets were picked out with white on the majority but not the whole thing. The missile launcher on one terminator and the Dreadnought were given freehand hazard stripes, also to add colour. I only did one terminator because each one is from a different chapter so , it makes total sense they wouldn’t be identical. I should mention the reason I did so much freehand is because I am terrible at decals and I feel it’s a good skill to practice and have.





One of the problems I had was how to squad mark the terminators so I know who belongs in which squad when each model is from a different chapter so what I did was paint the skull part of each Crux terminatus  bone white and the rest in a colour, either purple, light blue, or green. The last part of the puzzle though is my display board. Having such a small army means I can use a very small wood tray I found. To make it a bit prettier I will be putting a stone pattern vinyl floor tile on the bottom and a smattering of the different flocking types I used (will use lol) to make it all match.


This is the last pre-LVO post, next one will be a rundown on how hard I got rolled (probably)







About the Author: Drew Robertson

Drew is enjoys playing 40k and hosts the 40k event at club tournaments. Drew will have more in the about the author section in the future, as the admin either lost or didn’t recieve this part of the article from Drew, I chose to blame drew, but i’ll leave that part up to the reader.



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