The Middle-Aged Noob goes to the Las Vegas Open 2018

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So I’m headed to the LVO on January 26-28 2018 and I still haven’t completely made up my mind what to play. Back a few months ago when I first registered I purchased a ticket to play Dropzone Commander and Age of Sigmar (friendly). However, since then Games Workshop has released Warhammer Underworlds and I really love that game. Let me get this straight, I can get a CCG fix, a Warhammer fix, and a boardgame fix out of the one game? Sign me up! There’s also an added benefit that I don’t need to bring my Citadel Crusade case full of AOS figures in addition to my Dropzone army on the plane as the entire collection of stuff for Underworlds fits neatly in my Skirmish case. So I changed my AoS ticket to a Warhammer Underworlds ticket. So that leaves me with tickets to Dropzone Commander on Friday and Warhammer Underworlds on Sunday, with some hobby classes (airbrush, magnetizing) on Saturday.

The problem with that is that I’m just not feeling Dropzone lately… Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Dropzone. It was my first REAL miniatures game after Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing game. I was running the X-Wing group at Mission: Fun & Games when I overheard John (the owner) complaining that he ordered the wrong thing and got in the starter set for Dropzone Commander in by mistake. I made the mistake of asking “Dropzone Commander, what’s that?” and I was hooked from the moment he showed me. I bought that starter set and painted my first ever miniatures that week. 2 weeks later I signed up to be a Hawk Talon to help promote the game locally. Anyway, I’m getting a bit off track here… The point is I LOVE Dropzone, but the issues that Hawk (now owned by TT Combat) has had over the last year with supply lines, Kickstarter fulfillment, my lack of excitement for Dropfleet after playing a few games, and the general declining support and feedback I was receiving as a Talon have really left me in a funk. Add to that with the fact that Hawk/TT isn’t even GOING to the LVO anymore, and the email I received yesterday saying that the tournament was in fact 1500 points and not 1250 (so now I’ve got to rebuild a list a week out and I’m not sure if what I want in a 1500 point list is painted) and I’m really not sure I WANT to play Dropzone when I could add on a second day of a game I really love right now Warhammer Underworlds.

I guess I’ve got 5 days to figure it out…


Trevor is a fairly new miniatures gamer having played his first “miniatures” game at age 39 in 2013 when Star Wars X-Wing first came out. Since then he’s moved on to Dropzone Commander running local tournaments for it and promoting it as the local Hawk Talon. He also plays Age of Sigmar and has dabbled in a little 40K.


1 comments on “The Middle-Aged Noob goes to the Las Vegas Open 2018”

    • Kieran
    • February 8, 2018

    It would be cool to have a follow up on how your LVO experience went with DropZone and Shadespire.

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