Mr. Robertson goes to Vegas part 1

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My journey to the 2018 Las Vegas Open technically began some 12 years ago when I got into the hobby. I was looking for a 2nd army for 40k and settled on Space Marines as they were easy to find and has a smaller model count than my Tau Army. The only question was which chapter, looking into the other armies being played in my area, and delving into the backstory I fell in love with the idea of the Deathwatch, the elite of the elite! Back then it was 4th edition and the rules for the Deathwatch were 3rd edition rules out of the Chapter Approved articles in White Dwarf. Those rules were really just a way to add flavor to an existing deathwatch army but it was good enough for me and I set about assembling an army. I painted each squad from a different chapter, veterans and terminators were only 1 or 2 from each chapter, bikes and landspeeders had white scars iconography, tanks and dreadnoughts were painted in the black and silver with Inquisition and Iron Hands Iconigraphy.

Being, lets say “frugal” I purchased most of my models second-hand, preferring the older, out of print models because A) I could usually get a better deal on older kits and B) It makes perfect sense that the Inquisition would have access to older, more “venerable” marks of technology. I still buy my plastic crack mostly used but have since expanded to include more…. alternative sources. But I digress, when I started the army I wasn’t very good at painting, mostly achieving the barest 3 colour minimum, the majority of which coming from a spray can. I wouldn’t say I have improved a whole lot since those days, I still don’t do fancy shit like OSL (object source lighting), or 5+ layers of highlights to get that red “just” right, but I use primer, thin my paints and have proper tiny brushes so now I feel I can do better.

To explain a bit better this is a run down of the original paint scheme:

-Step 1) black primer

-Step 2) Silver on left arm and pauldron

-Step 3) Boltgun metal on bolters (not drilled because who has that kind of time) and close combat weapons on infantry, red on plasma guns, gunmetal where it seems appropriate on vehicles

-Step 4) splashes/accents here and there of colour (red eye pieces, gold trim, blue/green/yellow buttons)

-Step 5) Decal or freehand (poorly) on right shoulder pads and freehanded Inquisition “I” on left (again done poorly and because I was too cheap to buy hundreds of dollars of pewter upgrade packs) Inquisition “I” was plastered on vehicles

-Step 6) goblin green bases rim and single coarse flocking on bases

-Note, no washes, highlights, and in many cases, base-coating was done

The odd model I would put a bit more effort into but by and large I felt this was a good enough “tabletop standard”. I figured it was 5-6 colours on each model, especially since, given the quality of other armies I was seeing, that the coveted “best painted” award was FAAAAR out of my reach. Next time I will delve into why I chose to go back and revisit this army and what I hope to achieve.

Painting at the Bits Swap







About the Author: Drew Robertson

Drew is enjoys playing 40k and hosts the 40k event at club tournaments. Drew will have more in the about the author section in the future, as the admin either lost or didn’t recieve this part of the article from Drew, I chose to blame drew, but i’ll leave that part up to the reader.





2 comments on “Mr. Robertson goes to Vegas part 1”

    • Kieran
    • December 15, 2017

    Good stuff, Drew. Enjoy your time in Veagas.

    • SBosko
    • January 12, 2018

    keeping it simple means having an army actually painted! i’m the worst for driving to 5+ layers and fancy shit that many projects slide away on me………..

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