Kieran Painting

2017 – the Painting Journey with Kieran

Kieran walks us through some of the techniques he’s learned and worked on this year in brief, while also showcasing many of the models he painted in 2017.   Kieran Dunleavy I’ve been gaming since the age of 10, probably. Actively with miniature gaming especially for the past 20 years. Over that span I’ve painted […]

Age of Sigmar Keith Shadespire

Shadespire Tactical with Keith Deck Building 101- Objective Deck Construction

Building an objective deck is  very specific to an individual and will depend on (or influence) one’s play style and warband choice significantly. For example if you want to play an aggressive Stormcast list having an Objective deck that wants you to sit on Objectives is not going to be particularly conducive to that style […]


Back to Basics #1

Welcome to the Back to Basics series, a series of articles design for the newer hobbyist. Unlike some of the other members of the Out of the Basement (OOTB) club, I am not a spectacular tactician or crazy good painter. While there are many beginner articles out on the web, I am going to be […]